Diamondback Gulch

Just outside of Sedona, the Diamondback Gulch area offers thrilling, wide-open, rugged terrain, amongst a backdrop of stunning scenery and natural beauty. Plunge into the depth of the Grand Arroyos, then snake your way through the Sidewinder trail. Also not to be missed are famous area landmarks such as Capitol Butte, Chimney Rock, Lizard Head and Doe Mesa.

Head out into the rough terrain of the Sonoran Desert from Sedona on a self guided 4-wheel drive Jeep tour and a real 4x4 off-road adventure. You can take your MYE Jeep rental through the vast desert and gaze upon the treasures of Diamondback Gulch, including the red rock formations that make this part of Arizona so famous. You can also take a drive and visit the Honanki Heritage Site, which features ancient ruins and rock wall art made by the ancestors of the Hopi.

As you descend into the grand arroyos of Diamondback Gulch, gaze in wonder at the incredible canyons, towering red-rock formations and desert landscape that surrounds you. You can stop your Jeep at strategic points where you can appreciate the scenery and take advantage of prime photo ops. Learn about different aspects of the desert landscape and the geological forces that created the towering canyons and otherworldly rock formations. Prepare to be amazed as you hop in your Jeep and climb back up the other side of Diamondback Gulch!

Extend your Arizona Safari with a 1.5-hour trip back in time to the Honanki Heritage Site, home to the ancient ruins of the Sinagua, who were Pueblo ancestors of today's Hopi tribe.

The trail quality varies throughout the year, depending on rainfall and other natural elements. Even though it is not a requirement, you may feel more comfortable using a high-clearance automobile, you can take a look at the 4x4 rentals we have available if you're trying to rent a Jeep for your Sedona adventure. And bear in mind that rain or other natural conditions could close the trails. We recommend that you visit www.az511.gov to find out more about road conditions and general info regarding the trail.

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