When was the last time you did something for the first time?


Self Guided.

MYE Jeep utilizes a modern GPS navigation system that works seamlessly with our supplied tablet mounted into your dashboard. You can track where you've been, and more importantly where you want to go. Our built-in GPS navigation can wirelessly connect up to 5 devices at once.


Built Tough.

The Jeep started production in 1941 to aid in military transportation during World War II. Ever since then it has been iconically known for its durability in off-road conditions. It is fully capable of getting you to your destination no matter what stands in its path.

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Fully Equipped.

Step out of your comfort zone. Our Jeeps are equipped with with 4WD, grippy off-road tires, powerful LED lights, hardy metal bumpers, and a lifted suspension system so you don't need to worry about getting stuck in a rut. This machine is action ready, so enjoy your trip with supplied coolers, and user friendly GPS guidance.


How it works.

Step 1: Grab a co-driver, or a few

Gather up your group! All of our Jeeps are 4-door Wrangler Unlimited models, meaning you can fit up to 5 people. So grab your friends, family, and pets and get ready for a revolutionary self-guided adventure. You have no limits, no boundaries, and best of all... You have access to miles and miles of some of the most unique terrain in the country. We'll make sure to supply you with everything needed to upscale your adventure.


Step 2: Pick your Plan

How long do you want your trip to be? You can pick up your expedition vehicle for a day, or even a few. Don't worry about accommodations, we've got you covered... Day trips and overnight adventures include everything you might need while you're out on your adventure to ensure you're living in luxury even while out in the sticks. 


STEP 3: expose yourself to the elements

Whether you're in the openness of the Sedona red rocks, or immersed in the dense forests of Flagstaff, we give you the tools to adventure into the wild, and the freedom to do it your way while you're there. So set up a hammock, pitch a tent, and pop open a cold one. *Please drink responsibly.* Do what you like, and enjoy all that nature has to offer in the luxury of an expedition modified Jeep Wrangler. 
Now that you're out in the wilderness, you may be asking yourself what you can do....  Here's where we differ from the cut and dry rental service: you can rock crawl up to a scenic point, cook up an instant meal, or hang up a hammock and just chill out. You can relax any way you want! It's not all about the destination, getting lost along the way is half the adventure!


"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."


John Muir | Author, Naturalist


What's it all about?

MYE Jeep is a Jeep Wrangler rental company based out of Northern Arizona. We offer an expedition lifestyle experience catered towards your adventurous side. You can rent MYE Jeep for as long as you need to explore everything Arizona has to offer. We know that you have a lot of activities planned for your time here, and now is your chance to expand your horizons even further.

You have a lot of options when it comes down to transportation, but with MYE Jeep you won't be restricted to just paved roads. You can take your rental on hair-raising rock crawling trails, or find a nice camp spot and spend the night. We give you the freedom to make your own guided tour, all we do is simply equip you with the tools to get there. With a simple pick-up and drop-off process, you wont have to worry about complicated logistics while you're on your vacation in the Grand Canyon State.


01. – booking is easy.

Getting your Jeep is easy. You can simply book your reservations online through our 'Book Now' page by picking the dates that work for you. Our calendar system lets you know when MYE Jeep is available.

02. – Pick up the keys.

Once you've made your reservation, we'll have you sign a quick waiver, give you a brief tour of the vehicle operations, and then hand you the keys. It's that easy!

03. – explore.

There are thousands of destinations, so get out and explore! You can test your skills at rock crawling, or find a scenic point to have lunch. If you run out of ideas, just check out our 'Trails' page.

04. – heading home.

The return process is simple, we will perform a quick inspection of the vehicle to make sure everything is still in working condition, then you can hand off the keys and be on your way.


Ready to make your expedition?

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