When was the last time you did something for the first time?


How it works.

Step 1: Grab a co-driver, or a few

Gather up your group! All of our Jeeps are 4-door Wrangler Unlimited models, meaning you can fit up to 5 people. So grab your friends, family, and pets and get ready for a revolutionary self-guided adventure. You have no limits, no boundaries, and best of all... You have access to miles and miles of some of the most unique terrain in the country. We'll make sure to supply you with everything needed to upscale your adventure.


Step 2: Pick your Plan

How long do you want your trip to be? You can pick up your expedition vehicle for a day, or even a few. Don't worry about accommodations, we've got you covered... Day trips and overnight adventures include everything you might need while you're out on your adventure to ensure you're living in luxury even while out in the sticks. 


STEP 3: expose yourself to the elements

Whether you're in the openness of the Sedona red rocks, or immersed in the dense forests of Flagstaff, we give you the tools to adventure into the wild, and the freedom to do it your way while you're there. So set up a hammock, pitch a tent, and pop open a cold one. *Please drink responsibly.* Do what you like, and enjoy all that nature has to offer in the luxury of an expedition modified Jeep Wrangler. 
Now that you're out in the wilderness, you may be asking yourself what you can do....  Here's where we differ from the cut and dry rental service: you can rock crawl up to a scenic point, cook up an instant meal, or hang up a hammock and just chill out. You can relax any way you want! It's not all about the destination, getting lost along the way is half the adventure!


"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."


John Muir | Author, Naturalist

Sedona Jeep Rental

About MYE Jeep

Founded in Northern Arizona, MYE Jeep was built for people who have a craving to be outdoors. Whether you're kayaking down the Verde River, hiking the red rocks of Sedona, climbing the canyon walls of Clear Creek, or driving across the Mogollon Rim, you'll need a guide. The MYE Jeep guide is a little unique though... instead of throwing you in the backseat of a musty old rig with a fake cowboy, we let YOU choose your destination. We simply provide you with the tools to get there, and in a vehicle built to explore! With a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, fully loaded with all the greatest gadgets to guide you through the wilderness, you'll be well suited to make your own expedition. 

MYE Jeep is not your standard rental car. It is your personal exploration vehicle to experience everything Northern Arizona has to offer. You are free to rock crawl with the music blasting, or drive to a secluded area and just enjoy the silence.  Enjoy your Jeep.  Enjoy MYE Jeep.


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